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Uchino Shibori Jacquard Towel

Uchino Shibori Jacquard Towel

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Enliven your bathroom with the elegant Uchino Shibori Jacquard towel. Shibori is a timeless Japanese dyeing technique that involves manipulating the fabric in various ways, binding it, and dyeing it in indigo, resulting in intricate blue dye patterns. The beautiful indigo design is paired with a raised jacquard, so this towel bursts with impressive details and texture. Uchino’s patented Japanese hallow yarns give this towel a lightweight feel yet super absorbent.


  • 100% cotton
  • Shibori tie dye
  • Patented Japanese technology for a lightweight, super absorbent feel

    • Bath: 30in x 60in
    • Hand: 20in x 30in
    • Wash: 13in x 13in

    Machine washable


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