How To Guides

5 Essentials for Your Spa Bath at Home

Create your own relaxation ritual in the comfort of your home by turning your next bath-time into spa-time.

How to Layer Your Bed Like a Pro

Why not turn the daily routine (ok, chore!) of making your bed into a self-care ritual that makes your bed a fluffy oasis you can’t wait to jump in...

How to Choose the Right Curtain for Your Space

  My room needs curtains!  Where do I begin? Long, short, formal, casual—here’s how to choose the right style for every room You’ve probably notice...

How To Fill Duvet with a Comforter Insert

Avoid getting tangled up in frustration and follow these steps to fill your freshly laundered duvet with a cozy insert.

How to Sleep Better in Any Season

Changing the bedding you use with the seasons can nip restless nights in the bud.

How to Care for Your Linens

Some helpful hints on how to take care of items you purchase on this site.

Getting Started with Shades

Don't know where to begin?  We've created this video to help guide you find the perfect shades for your window and room.  Grab some popcorn and fol...

How to Measure Your Window

Measuring your windows to select beautiful curtains or shades is be a breeze with our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

How to Install Rods and Curtains

You've purchased new window treatments. Now what?  Installing them in your home is easier than it appears, with our helpful guide.

How to Install Window Shades

Follow this video and your shades will be in place sooner that  you think! We have also created a printable guides by shade style, to help you ins...