Woman buttoning a duvet cover

How To Fill Duvet with a Comforter Insert

Your duvet cover is freshly laundered, but now you face the task of filling it with your cozy insert. Avoid getting tangled up in frustration and follow these steps to fill your duvet.
Step 1 to fill a duvet
Step 1: Find the corners
If your duvet cover isn't inside out already, reach in and grab the corners. 
Step 2 to fill a duvet
Step 2: Duvet meets insert
Align the corners of the duvet and insert together and tie the corners.
Step 3to fill a duvet
Step 3: Turn it right side out
Give it a little shake to get it back to the right side.
Step 4 to fill a duvet
Step 4: Button it up!
Secure the closure for a neat appearance. 
Enjoy the comfort!
Step 5: Fluff and style
Time to toss this duvet over your bed and style with your favorite pillows and throws.
a made bed
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