A new dark palette, a chic urban bed. Donna Karan’s Moonscape Collection is newly cast in matte and shine tones of lustrous deep charcoal. The quintessence of textural opulence, a subtle metallic sheen highlights the intricate woven jacquard pattern of the duvet cover and shams, while accent pillows in glazed leather, beading, and matte & shine corded stripes lend sumptuous dimension. This new lunar eclipse colorway aligns your bed with the soft glow of the moon on a dark and dreamy night.

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Donna Karan Moonscape Duvet Bedding Collection
  • $99.99- $349.99
  • Charcoal

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Donna Karan Moonscape Abstract Beaded Decorative Pillow
  • $199.99
Donna Karan Moonscape Bedding Collection Euro Sham
  • $109.99
Donna Karan Moonscape Glazed Leather Decorative Pillow
  • $229.99