Check In For Your Staycation

Check In For Your Staycation


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When the outside world is closed off and uncertain, turn to the inner sanctuary of your home to find peace and stability. While all we can do is dream and reminisce of vacations past, there’s no reason not to have your own “staycation” inside. Turn your home into the resort of your dreams, no reservation necessary. Gather up what materials you have on hand and splurge on what you don’t: staying sane during self-isolation is now a top priority for the foreseeable future.

Wellbe Horizon duvet

Your Resort Get-Away is Just Steps Away:

Nothing creates peace of mind like a clutter free environment, especially in the bedroom. Simply picking everything off the floor and putting away lingering laundry will transform your room. Give any stale linens a refresh with The Laundress Signature Detergent to start your staycation off right. Next, change out your sheets for a fresh set that will serve as a chic and refined base to a luxurious duvet. We recommend a duvet with a calming pattern like the Wellbe Yin and Yang duvet. Tuck in the edges for a clean, hotel-ready look and add in as many fluffy pillows as you can find. A chunky knit blanket draped at the foot of the bed and a hot cup of tea are the finishing touches for a cozy bed you can curl up in and read or Netflix the night away.

 woman doing a at home facial

Your Personal Spa, No Masseuse Needed:

Self-care has never been so important and now is the time to pamper yourself. Those fancy Korean face masks and expensive exfoliators you’ve been saving for just the right occasion? The time has come! Dig deep for fancy shampoos saved from your last hotel visit and the perfect bright white towels and bath rug to emulate that resort feel. Make an easy upgrade with a new shower curtain that gives you the feeling of being transported to a tropical paradise without the plane ride.

 Wellbe Reusable face pads

Flex your eco-conscious side with Wellbe Reusable Face Pads that will also save you countless trips to the pharmacy. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a tub, you can still turn the bathroom into a steam room complete with scented candles and your favorite robe. Explore our essentials for the ultimate bath ritual for an in-depth guide to your home spa.

 Uchino Waffle Air Towels

Now that all your social activity takes place from the (filtered) lense of a video camera, embrace your overgrown hair and natural face. Let loose from your normal beauty routine while no one is around to see it! Watch your make-up gather dust on the counter, extend days between shampooing and indulge in a deep conditioning treatment a couple times a week. Use Uchino’s Air Waffle towel on wash day for a towel that is lightweight enough to sit on top of your head while still being highly absorbing, and most importantly gentle with your hair.

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Wake Up, No Make-Up Necessary:

Start each day with a new perspective and use these staycation days to be grateful for what you don’t miss. Enjoy a slow morning without the rush of commuting and meal prep for the day ahead. Make your morning coffee and savor the feeling of having no pressing commitments. You have time for your favorite French toast or omelette, take it a step further and enjoy breakfast in bed (don’t forget the mimosa!).

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A Personalized Itinerary:

No vacation or staycation is complete without activities and excursions to fill the day. While this time is important for rest and recharging, you’ll feel less aimless with a goal in mind. Do you want to take that extra long walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the spring weather? Is there a book you’ve been putting off finishing or a puzzle you’ve been meaning to start? Take advantage of your spa just down the hall and indulge as many times as possible. Take it easy, the only commitments you have to keep are Zoom sessions with friends and a daily happy hour. Finish off your staycation with takeout from your favorite local restaurant, saving you the dirty dishes while supporting a business that needs it!

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