Welcome To Your New Office… At Home

Welcome To Your New Office… At Home

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Update your calendar from OOO to WFH

If your office hasn’t started working from home already, chances are the announcement is coming soon. Many companies have taken the step to let their employees work from home in an effort to slow down the spread of coronavirus. This may sound like a dream come true for some. Goodbye to your dreadful morning commute! Yet, the more time you spend at home the more you may realize you need to clean up your routine.

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Use accessories to spark the mundane

By now you formed a habit of washing your hands, pumping hand sanitizer, and wiping off surfaces every eight minutes. Give your guilty pleasure a dash of style. Store your hand sanitizer, soap, and lotion in dispensers that match your home style. You’ll be pleased to see your three sidekicks stored in a way that doesn’t remind you of what’s going on outside the walls of your home.

The Laundress

Staying clean beyond your hands

Spending more time in the home, means that you’re making the most out of your bed, sofa, and pajamas. Keeping your linens fresh is just as important as keeping your hands and surfaces clean. Stay tidy with cleaning solutions from The Laundress, the eco – friendly option for home and fabric care. Gather your clothes and bed linens and wash them with The Laundress All- Purpose Bleach Alternative. It’s gentle on your linens and tough on dirt, stains, and odors. If you need to freshen up your home office give the Fabric Fresh mist a spritz here and there for a clean smell.

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Get comfortable and stay comfortable

Working from home may translate to working from your bed. This is tempting but we recommend finding a different spot to call your office. Back at the office you are probably already equipped with the proper tools to keep comfortable with sitting for 8+ hours. At home, not so much. Find yourself a comfortable pillow to support your back when you’re replying to emails.

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Take moments for self- care

At first working from home is easy. You can wake up minutes before working hours and stay in pajamas all day. After a few days you may find yourself going stir- crazy. Try to keep up with your appearance because it will make you feel a little bit better about being home all day. Use this time to indulge in your bath routine before starting your day. Dress yourself in casual clothing as if you were going to the office. Keep your space inviting for yourself with fresh scents by lighting a candle.

Shop for curtains and other window accessories.

Stick to a routine

Set boundaries for yourself and work during work hours only. Eventually you will be back in your office, so try to stick to your work schedule as closely as possible. When you wake up, pull back the curtains and let in the sunlight. Use the extra time after work hours to socialize virtually with family and friends, knock off a few episodes on your watch list, or jump into that cooking project you’ve bookmarked.


As always, safety is our #1 priority for our community of customers, employees and partners. We are taking the steps to protect our community by giving our employees time to work from home and practice social distancing in our warehouse. We encourage you to do the same! We hope you and your loved ones stay safe. 


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