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Transitioning Your Decor From Autumn to Winter

A fireplace mantel with fall decorations


It’s that time of the year when the seasons are changing and the holidays trickle in month by month. Although a new home decorating project each month may sound like music to the ears, during the holiday season this can easily become another thing to worry about. Luckily with our tips it doesn’t have to be! Decorating your living room to keep up the changing nature of the holiday season can still be joyful and quite easy to tackle. In fact, all you need to keep up with is your fireplace mantel, the focal point of your living room. And these days, we are spending a lot of time LIVING in that room, so why not change it up with the seasons?

The mantel not only frames the fireplace and protects the walls from heat, it's also a great surface to hold decorative objects.  It's like having your own mini-gallery, and a way to reflect your personal style! Here are some tips on how to transition your mantel from one season to the next:

Select candles and glassware to start decorating your mantel.

Select a few key pieces that you love, that can remain from one season to the next.  Items that are neutral or metallic in color work well for this. Grab a few candles and glassware to fill the space, but keep them light in appearance to reduce clutter. These will be your core accessories for the holiday season.

With the staple accessories already perfectly assorted on your mantle it’s time to add a festive feel to the mix. A good rule of thumb: channel what is happening outdoors with your indoor color scheme. Autumn hues to add warmth in the fall, white and silver in the winter to reflect the peaceful effects of snow.

a fireplace mantel with darker fall decorations

 For autumn, select small pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. 

holiday fireplace mantel

 For holiday, go all out with garland, mini trees, and sparkle. 

A fireplace mantel perfect for winter For winter, remove the holiday elements but keep the white and a bit of sparkle.


A cozy spot by the fireplace mantel

Don’t stop yourself at the mantle, if you are up to it! To fight décor fatigue find ways to swap out key decorative accessories in other rooms as well. For autumn, go with rich colors in pillows and throws to add warmth to the room. Make sure pillows and throws are soft and comfy. They should be inviting to snuggle up in your pajamas, and not just serve as decorative items. Faux fur and flokati work well to add a touch of glamour for the holidays, as well that cozy-up-by-the-fire feeling in winter. For all seasons, go for a mix of fabrics and layers of texture to add dimension and interest to your space.


A decorated fireplace mantel

Happy decorating!

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