The Gift of Argan Oil and Why You Need It

argan oil
The Gift of Argan Oil
Who would have thought that kernels from a little fruit from the Argan Trees in Morocco would have so much power? The oil from these kerns is like liquid gold, or better known as Argan Oil. For centuries, Moroccan women have used argan oil daily on their skin and hair for its nourishing benefits. Here at Decoratd, our product development team has done their research to bring in some new everyday products that feature argan oil to help give you a healthy glow.
Drum Roll Please   
As we all know, there is nothing like a warm, relaxing shower after a long day. Treat your skin to the ultimate gift of the Wellbe Argan Oil Body Wrap. Made of cotton and bamboo, this wrap uses R- Vital technology to make argan oil an active ingredient in each thread. Not only are these wraps soft and plush, but they have the power to dry skin quickly while locking in moisture leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Wrapping your body in this towel will leave your skin silky smooth- you are never going to want to take it off! This wrap would be a great spa-like addition to any bathroom or the perfect gift for a loved one.
Happy & Healthy
Not only will your skin love our new products, but your hair will too. The Wellbe Argan Oil Hair Wrap infused with argan oil gives your hair all the love and affection it needs. With the linoleic acids in argan oil, your hair will have some added protection when styling with hot tools. Additionally, the Vitamin E will provide a layer over your hair and scalp to boost shine and help to prevent dryness and frizziness. With all of these benefits wrapped up in one towel, you may never need another hair towel again!
Treat yourself
Argan oil has so many health benefits it is hard to name them all. One thing we know for sure is that adding argan oil into your everyday routine will seriously change your self-care game. With the Wellbe Refresh Charcoal Reusable Face Pads, you can easily apply argan oil, serums, astringents, and other skincare products to your face without any mess. Also, these face pads are odor blocking and have antimicrobial properties in their fibers, preventing the growth of any bacteria. Each set comes with seven face pads for each day of the week, so you will never have to skip your routine!
wellbe face pad
Wrap it up
Argan oil is not only good for the body, but it is good for the soul. It brings out all the brightness and radiance inside you and shows it off for the world to see. From your head to your toes, you will feel like nourished and pampered. Embellish your everyday routine with Wellbe!