The Battle of the Sheets

Choose your character!
Here at Decoratd, we are the sheet experts and want to help you find the perfect match! As we all know, sheets are the foundation to a cozy bed. They are the first thing you touch as you climb in for a restful night’s sleep and are an essential determinant in getting the perfect REM sleep. Did you know that a higher thread count does not always mean higher quality? The thread count does affect the fabric, but the quality of the sheet, not so much. It's all about the material- that's the key! We suggest you choose sheets with a lower thread count for our hotter sleepers and if you're a cold sleeper, get a higher thread count! With the abundance of sheets to choose from, there is a sheet for everyone, from the toasty flannel lovers to the soothing silk sleepers.
We have to talk about the ultra-lux Michael Aram Enchanted sheet set to kick off our battle of the sheets. This set is perfect for those who tend to be cold at night. The butter-soft sateen is combined with an elegant, uneven stitched hem to reflect the imperfections of nature. With a 400 thread count, it immerses you in serene comfort.
If you have trouble regulating your temperature at night, the Donna Karan Silk Indulgence Sheet Collection is your perfect match. This silk-blend sheet set is made of 90% cotton and 10% silk to spoil you with the best of both worlds. Cotton lends easy care and everyday comfort—the amino acids in silk helps to promote happy skin and healthy hair.  
Wellbe Karma Skin-friendly Sheet Set
Up next, we have a fan favorite! These sheets are about as close to paradise as it gets. The Wellbe Karma Diamond Sheet Set is made of skin-friendly SeaCell, a lyocell fiber derived from Icelandic sea algae, known to fight free radicals and contains rich nutrients that are friendly to the skin. Soft sateen allows the sheets to breathe and leave them irresistibly smooth to touch. These sheets are bound to leave you feeling rejuvenated in the morning.
bass outdoor spruce tree sheets
Last but not least, we have the ultra-cozy Bass Outdoor Spruce Trees Sheet Set. Made of 100% cotton flannel; these sheets will keep you warm all night long. The spruce tree pattern adds the perfect amount of character and charm. You will trail off into dreamland as you snuggle with this sheet set.