Refresh Your Bathroom With Just $100

 Peri Home Kilim CollectionAdd style and self care to your me time sanctuary. 

Has your me time sanctuary lost its sense of bliss? If your shower routine has become more of a quick rinse, it may be time to refresh your bathroom. Ditch the paint and tile shopping, because that can start to add up. Instead swap out your bathroom accessories to save yourself time and money. Discover these styles and more by using our Refresh Your Bathroom Guide.

 Peri Home Texture Paisley Collection

Perfect Paisley
If you find yourself always drawn to rich patterns that are inspired by eastern prints, dress your bathroom in perfect paisleys . Immerse yourself in the curved motifs of bold paisley patterns as you indulge in a shower routine.
Here's how:
Destinations Toucan Collection
Beachy Keen
What's not to love about tropical getaways? The salty breeze, exotic animals, and palm trees. For the beachy keen spirit, bring the love of resort living to your bathroom.
Here's how:
DKNY Brushstrokes Collection
Brushstrokes of Genius
When art is the center of your world, why leave it out the space where you refresh your body and mind. Fill your bathroom with modern lines and bold colors.
Here's how:
Alternative total: $95.96
DKNY Petal CollectionPress The Petal
For the lover of all things pretty, refresh your space with cheerful colors and dainty patterns. 
Here's how:
  1. DKNY Petals Shower Curtain $29.99
  2. DKNY Petals Towels $16.99
  3. Alternative towel option: DKNY Mercer Towel $19.99
  4. DKNY Mercer Bath Rug $19.99
  5. DKNY Grey Wood Tissue Box Cover $29.99
Total: $96.96
Alternative total: $99.96