Refresh Your Space With Patterns and Texture

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Use these steps to personalize your home style.
What you decide to put on every morning reflects a lot about you. Through clothes you can easily express your personality, mood, and style. The same is true for your home. Dressing your home in color, print, and texture fills your rooms with personality that is as unique as you. Usually, creating that cohesive-but-interesting look means mixing patterns and incorporating plenty of texture. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually quite easy. Follow your own aesthetic, of course, and use these simple tips to guide you.
shop for bedding, bath, and window curtains on decoratd.
Begin with a feeling
Do you want your room to feel serene and soothing? Energetic and fun? Ultra high-end? Look at inspiration images that create the atmosphere you like, and see how the fabrics and decorative elements reinforce that feeling. Once you've got that covered, it's time to dive on in.
Peri Home bedding
Enliven your bedroom
When it comes to the bed those extra layers add comfort that you can't wait to sink into. Enjoy the best of both worlds with throws and pillows that have function and style. Make sure your bed does not clash with other elements in your room. If you have a solid rug beneath the bed, a patterned duvet, quilt, or sheet set can add interest—but if the rug has a dramatic pattern, a bold print on the bed can be an overkill: in this case, stick with solid bedding or very simple geometric patterns, like a pin-stripe.
John Robshaw bath, shower curtains, and towels
Add a splash of personality to your bathroom
Refreshing your bathroom can be done simply by embellishing your accessories. You can start by upgrading your towels from ordinary solids to graphic prints. We love the DKNY Dots Towels that mixes black and white with a whimsical circular pattern. If you can't resist crisp, white towels swap your shower curtain for one that's rich in color and print. Indulge yourself with John Robshaw Mitta Periwinkle Shower Curtain.
Martha Stewart Curtains
Make a statement with your windows
Curtains have a way of transforming your windows with glamour, relaxed living, or sleek style. Don't be afraid to layer curtains to customize your look. If you don't know where to start, see how Nicole Davis does it with the Martha Stewart Laguna Stripe in grey and Luca Velvet in linen.