Our Guide For A Healthier You

Our Guide For A Healthier You

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Happy New Year to all! Here’s to 2022 being the best yet. A new year means setting new expectations and resolutions for yourself, and we are here to help you stick to those goals! This year, we will strive to bring out the best in ourselves by focusing on health and wellness. Hitting the gym has a positive impact on your mind and body, but recovery is just as important. We rounded up the best products to enhance your recovery, so you can feel your best and crush your health and wellness goals.


wellbe refresh antimicrobial towels
Looking for the perfect gym towel? We got you covered. The Wellbe Refresh Charcoal Towels have antimicrobial and odor-blocking properties to prevent bacterial growth. This makes it the perfect gym buddy since it stays fresh longer and won’t quit on you. 


uchino waffle twist

After breaking a sweat, it’s essential to shower to prevent breakouts and help your heart rate and internal temperature naturally decrease. If your schedule consists of exercising, showering, and recovering, the Uchino Waffle Twist Towels will fit into your routine. They are highly absorbent and dry quickly, so you can shower on repeat.


wellbe argan oil towle
Rinsing the sweat off the body is just as important as giving your tresses some TLC. Hair routines are often long, which is why many of us tend to skip them. Hello, dry shampoo! You can refresh your locks as often as you like with our super absorbent hair towels. We love the Wellbe Argan Oil Hair Towel if wearing a hat is a part of your workout attire. Hats are known to draw moisture out of the hair, leading to damaged hair. The argan oil is infused into the towel using R- Vital technology aiding in locking in moisture while drying your hair quickly. When in a rush and you need to get your hair dried quickly, we recommend the Uchino Waffle Twist Hair Towel. The towel stays secure on the head with the convenient button.


wellbe argan oil body wrap
Frequent exercise can leave the body feeling sore. One way to combat that is by heading to the sauna to relieve sore muscles. While you recover, wrap your body in the Wellbe Argan Oil Body Wrap to enhance the moisturizing benefits a sauna session has on the skin. The R- Vital technology infuses argan oil into the body wrap to nourish your skin.


uchino waffle twist robe
A relaxing night routine is a good habit and helps calm the body and mind to prepare for rest. Although everyone’s routine looks different, we all love the comfort of a snug robe. The Uchino Waffle Twist Robe will become your loungewear staple. It features Uchino’s signature Japanese technology to be highly absorbent, so you can wear it after stepping out of the shower. It’s so comfy you’ll want to wear it all day!


loft style waffle stripe 7 piece comforter set
On our journey to a healthy lifestyle in 2022, we can not skip getting adequate sleep. A sweet slumber every night will help give us the energy we need to get through the day! The Loft Style Waffle Stripe Bed in a Bag includes 7 pieces to complete your entire bedroom look. The comforter set is made of soft, breathable microfiber for maximum comfort all night long.


michael aram orchid throw in grey and linen
Along with health, we are also focusing on wellness this year. We are looking forward to reducing our screen time by reading a book, journaling, and reflecting. It is essential to have a cozy throw to wrap up in to do this. The ultra-lux Michael Aram Orchid Throw is incredibly soft and the perfect accessory to help manifest all the good vibes!

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