Multitasking Items To Make Everyday Easier and More Decorative

Multitasking Items To Make Everyday Easier and More Decorative

A desk with DKNY Grey Wood Accessories on it for storage

Makeshift spaces in the home was all the buzz of 2020. An office in your closet, a classroom in the kitchen. We've tried it all to work, play and live in our homes. Let’s focus a little bit more and look at our everyday items. We think there’s more to it than just being a toothbrush holder. These tips and tricks will transform your household items from ordinary to decorative power tools.

Using a soap dispenser to store hand sanitizer  

Sanitizing stations

One habit from 2020 that we are keeping is our sanitizing habits. We must admit that seeing that clear sanitizer bottle with words like, germs and bacteria staring back at you doesn’t stir up fun memories. This staple can get a well- deserved decorative update by storing it in a soap dispenser. This offers a clean look that is perfect for your bathroom, front door, or anywhere else that needs a sanitizing station. We’ve tested it, you can still get the perfect pump to keep your hands clean.

Wellbe towels in the kitchen to clean up spills 

Go Paper Towel- less

Whether you are tired of seeing empty aisles lacking paper towels or trying to do right by the environment, we have a handy solution to replace your paper towels. The Wellbe Refresh Charcoal Washcloths are an ideal replacement to paper towels, here’s why. They are antimicrobial (told you, keeping clean was a habit around here). The antimicrobial fibers aid in preventing microorganisms from growing within the towel. It also harnesses the benefits of charcoal to keep fresh, block odors, and dries quickly. This is ideal to keep around in your kitchen to clean up spills or for tidying up.

 A desk with DKNY Grey Wood accessories

Accessorize Your WFH Space

At this stage our bed and couch does not make the cut anymore to serve as a proper work station. If you made the effort to find a stable desk or office that works for you, kudos to you. Let’s face it, that environment can easily start to feel mundane and that doesn’t help in a space where you need to feel inspired and motivated. The best thing about desk accessories is that they can add function and style to your office for an instant spark.

DKNY Grey Wood Tumbler as a pencil holder

Remember that toothbrush holder, well there is more to it. This can be easily converted to store pens, pencils and handy office supplies. Sniffle season is still here and that will soon become allergy season, so why not blow a bit of style to your tissue box by using a coordinating tissue box cover. A trash can is essential for every desk, keep everything in sync with a matching wastebasket.

 DKNY Grey Wood Accessories on desk

We are claiming it, 2021 is the year to makeshift items work in your makeshift space. Always look beyond the surface and find ways to make your items work for you. What are some of your favorite multipurpose items?

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