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Make a Bed You'll Want to Dive Right Into

An Upgrade for Your Morning Routine.

We know, there are days when just making your bed in the morning can feel like an achievement in and of itself. But here’s a radical idea: Why not turn this daily routine (ok, chore!) into a self-care ritual that makes your bed a fluffy oasis you can’t wait to jump into—and transforms the look of your bedroom in the process? Here’s everything you need to know to make a soft, inviting bed.

It's All About the Layers

What do interior designers, stylists, and fine hotels around the world have in common? They know that when it comes to making a gorgeous bed, more really is more.

Step 1: Start with the sheets.

Begin with a mattress topper to add sink-in softness to your sleeping surface (without affecting the level of support of your mattress). Then, smooth a fitted sheet over the mattress topper. Then, tuck the flat sheet (patterned side facing down) between the end of the mattress and bed frame. Smooth out any creases and make sure the flat sheet is centered and hangs down evenly on both sides of the mattress.

Step 2: Top with a blanket or quilt.

Lay this cover over the flat sheet, patterned side facing up. Fold the top edge of the sheet down over the blanket, quilt, or coverlet, so you see the pattern of the sheet. Tuck in the cover and flat sheet tightly on all sides of the bed.

Step 3: Add a comforter or duvet.

Center this fluffy finisher over the bed, then fold it back toward the foot, revealing your folded-down sheet and blanket. Or, for an even loftier look that shows more of the blanket or coverlet, fold the comforter in thirds (like a Z) and then lay it across the end of the bed.

Step 4: Pile on the pillows.

Pillows look best when layered in various sizes.  Start with two or three 26"x26" European squares at the head of the bed to create a nice backdrop for your pillow play.  Then add one or two rows of king-size and/or standard pillows, covered with shams. Finish with a couple of toss pillows in two different shapes and techniques.  Coordinate by color.

Step 5: Finish with a throw. 

Drape a soft, warm throw across one corner of the foot of the bed for that casual (but totally designer) look.  Now you’re done! Grab a good book and dive right in! 

Stylist tip: For a super-fluffy duvet, use a larger insert inside a smaller cover. A king-size duvet inside a queen-size cover, for example. Or, for extra warmth, stuff two duvets in one cover. 

Watch how the pros at Peri Home do it below.

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