Let's Talk Curtains

Let's Talk Curtains

Let's talk curtains. Curtains are one of the most understated home embellishments. While they may not be the room's centerpiece, they help complete a room. Giving your bare window a chic drape will soften the edges of your view, giving it a more cozy and inviting feel. They also set the mood with the perfect lighting. And as they say, lighting is everything. Here at Decoratd, we have many curtain options for all décor styles. Keep reading to find your perfect curtain match.

A tried-and-true favorite curtain here at Decoratd are the DKNY Modern Knotted Velvet Window Curtain Panels. Adding subtle yet fashionable sophistication, these lined curtain panels are the perfect addition to any room. Luxurious velvet gives the curtains a slight sheen that adds sublime interest. Available in colors charcoal, aqua, champagne, silver, white, or mocha these curtains make the perfect match for any décor style.

Martha Stewart is the definition of classic. The Naples Chenille Curtain Panels radiate sophistication and perfectly embellish your home. Elegant yet simple, these curtains gently filter in light to set the perfect lighting for your home. Available in multiple colors, these curtains will suit any home and any style. 

There is nothing like a pair of blackout curtains in the winter. Locking in the warmth, blackout curtains make for the coziest of homes. The two-tone color blocking Curtainworks Kendall Curtains come in an array of pleasing hues, and they have the power of blocking out light. To add a little flair, the grommets are a silver chrome metal for the perfect amount of interest. These curtains are perfect for those who like a statement!

Last, but certainly not least, let's talk about the Tommy Hilfiger Dawson Thermal Curtain Panels. The subtle herringbone pattern lends a modern, classic look to this panel pair. The blackout technology will keep out light, noise, and drafts. Made of polyester, these curtains are durable and easy to clean to make your life as simple as can be.

Be sure to take a look at all of  the curtains, shades and valences we have to offer. The options are endless! We hope you find your perfect match and embellish your home in the most perfect way.

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