Accessorize Your Home With Decorative Pillows

decorative pillows
Pillow Talk 
When you think of the decorative elements that bring your home together, what do you think of? Cozy blankets, pictures of fond memories, comforting scents, and of course, pillows! Pillows can change the whole vibe of a room– they truly are the perfect accessory. If you want a modern farmhouse look, art deco, boho, or anything in between, pillows can help accessorize so you never have to change the big pieces- like a couch or a chair. Here at Decoratd, we have decorative pillows for every décor style, every room, season, and occasion.
We are starting with a long-time favorite. The Wellbe Echo Square Decorative Pillow with Lavender Scent has a unique boho look and an irresistible lavender scent. This pillow is perfect for creating a relaxing aroma in your bedroom or for setting a chill, peaceful vibe in your living room– and the tassels add the perfect flair!
Now, these pillows are a beauty! The Michael Aram Dip Dye Flokati Decorative Pillow comes in many colors to suit any setting. They instantly add a character with a dash of flair and elegance. They're also made of 100% lamb fur, so they're extra soft.
For those who like things to match, these pillows are for you. Not only do these DKNY Crosswalk Sherpa Decorative Pillows go with everything, but they also have a matching throw! You can change these pillows out for every season to give your home a completely different feel. An added bonus with these pillows is that they come in a set of two, making them perfect for your couch or bed.
The Donna Karan Moonscape Pillows are an absolute showstopper. They're gorgeous, from the leather finishes to the beaded details. These pillows bring an elevated character and style with the different textures.