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Let’s Make 2020 the Year of Easy Living

pillow fight


Resolutions are so last decade, don’t you think? After all, “lose 20 pounds,” “read a book a month,” and “stick to my budget,” all sound like so much...work! Instead, we suggest making 2020 a year of less work and more cozy comfort. And the best place to show off your new attitude is right at home.


Make 2020 the Year of Easy Living

Since the theme of this resolution is “easy,” our suggestions for introducing more comfort to your life are super simple. Basically, add something soft, warm, or beautiful in high-impact spots around your house. For example, why not…


  • Swap out the cotton throw on your sofa for a plush faux-fur style.
  • Add an extra layer or two to your bed—a warm blanket under your duvet, say. Or, invest in a set of luxe new sheets.
  • Banish your worn-out bath towels to the garage (or your kids’ bath...they won’t care, right?) and treat yourself to a fresh, plush stack.
  • Give your bath the fastest makeover ever, courtesy of a colorful new shower curtain or a toe-tempting bath mat.
  • Replace those burned-down holiday candles with bright new scents in every room.
  • Make your living room sofa even more inviting with a pile of throw pillows in sophisticated, textural neutrals.

 Katy and Hannah from team decoratd.

The decoratd. Team Loves Their Easy-Living Luxuries, Too

Choosing the amazing brands and products for decoratd. is a big (and really fun) job. So, we thought you might like to meet some of the team behind the scenes. We think you’ll be fast friends—if you like friends who love to sleep in, and know just which sheets have the most indulgent snuggle-factor, that is.


Meet Hannah

Our sales director extraordinaire, Hannah’s got a resume full of experience with notable retailers—so she knows a thing or three about home goods. And—exciting news—she’s engaged. So, if you’re navigating your registry and setting up a home for the first time, she’s got plenty of inside insight to share. When she’s not working or wedding planning, Hannah’s making her own scented candles and selling them on her Etsy site, or snapping pictures of her sweet dog Montepulciano (stick around and you might see one or two).


Wondering what an expert’s top at-home tips might be? Like Hannah herself, her tips are smart and practical:

 woman making a bed in a modern bedroomShop for bedding

“Remove the flat sheet from your bed, and it will greatly increase the chances of your significant other actually making the bed!”

scented candles for the homeShop scented candles

“Light a candle. Whether you’re neutralizing cooking odors or adding a special scent, candles are a fast and easy way to improve the mood of any space.”


Hannah’s favorite easy-living products:

 wellbe face pads

Wellbe reusable face pads. “They’re great for applying astringent in the morning and makeup remover at night,”


Donna Karan Silk Indulgence sheet and the DKNY Pure Voile Duvet Cover. “They’re so soft! Just don’t use the flat sheet for faster bed-making every morning.”


Meet Katy

Our director of marketing, Katy has more years in the home business than she cares to count. And that’s because she loves what she does: Katy worked her way up from the design room. Product really is her passion—both at work and at home. 


Katy brought her expertise and enthusiasm into play during the recent gut renovation of her home. Now, she’s loving cooking, entertaining, and whipping up cocktails for her cocktail blog in her new communal kitchen. But her life’s biggest passion is her 14-year-old son—closely followed by her photogenic mutt, Jessie.


Katy’s a font of great home advice (not surprising, right?). Here, two of her best tips:

 white towels stackedShop towels

“Keep at least 3 bath towels on hand for each member of your household, plus a set for guests. This means you’ll always have one to use in the bathroom, one in the laundry basket, and one on hand just in case.”

 fresh lavender

“Lavender is my not-so-secret ingredient for settling in at bedtime. Use a diffuser with scented lavender essential oil or use a lavender candle with a natural scent. Then, rub your hands, neck and shoulders with lavender-scented lotion or oil to really revel in the relaxing scent. You’ll fall asleep in no time (trust me!).”


Katy's favorite easy-living finds on decoratd.: 

 Lighting a candleShop candles

Creative Energy Rosemary and Lavender Soy Candle. “This candle has a fresh and relaxing scent, plus, the soy wax can be used as a moisturizer.  And, the beautiful packaging is removable so the candle is free of labels, which makes it perfect in any room (we hate labels on our decor).”


Uchino Waffle Twist Towels. “They offer the best of both worlds: waffle weave on one side and terry on the other. Plus, they rapidly absorb water off of your body, and also dry quickly after use (so they stay fresher, longer). This is my absolute favorite towel ever. 



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