Have You Met...Wellbe?

Have You Met...Wellbe?

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Our newest brand is destined to become your go-to source for home goods that look good, do good, and help you fit a little self-care into every day. 
We’re super excited to announce the introduction of a new brand to decoratd: the very special Wellbe collection. What exactly makes Wellbe so special? Every sheet, every towel, every pillow in the Wellbe collection has an important intention behind it: to enhance well-being—both yours and the planet’s. 
Wellbe’s design team wants to help you create a sanctuary at home, a place where you can retreat and relax, surrounded by luxurious design and confident in your eco-conscious choices. So in addition to beautiful, modern style, you’ll find breathable, temperature-regulating fabrics; antibacterial, recycled, and sustainable materials; and thoughtful attention in every detail. 
Sounds irresistible, right? We’re pretty sure you and Wellbe will soon be fast friends—and we hope you’ll remember who brought you together!
If you’ve been struggling to carve out some “me” time in your everyday life, Wellbe can help. No need to devote six hours to a spa day (or even to leave home). Small self-care rituals can have a surprisingly big impact on your overall well-being. 
wellbe towels
Shop Wellbe Refresh Charcoal Towel Set
Soak Your Cares Away
Never underestimate the power of a long hot bath to soothe and refresh. It doesn’t take much to create a special soak: A handful of scented bath salts, a warm washcloth across your eyes, maybe a favorite candle flickering in the otherwise dim room. And, don’t forget to lay out a warm bathrobe and a stack of thick towels to dry off with.
Wellbe’s super-absorbent, odor-blocking Refresh Charcoal towels will make getting out of the tub as inviting as it is to get in. 
 wellbe face pads
Shop Wellbe Refresh Charcoal Reusable Face Pads
Make Skincare Self-Care
Even the act of washing your face and caring for your skin can become an opportunity to slow down and lavish a little attention on yourself. 
Wellbe’s Refresh Charcoal Reusable Face pads are perfect for gently cleansing your face or for applying toner or cream—and they’re washable, so they’ll make you feel as good about reducing waste as you do about looking great.
wellbe pillows
Shop Wellbe Decorative Pillows with Aromatherapy
    Create a Relaxation Space
    Why not designate a special spot in the house as your very own quiet zone? A cozy chair in a corner of your bedroom—or in a less-used living space—is just the place. Make it ultra-comfy by adding a soft throw and a pillow or two. 
    We love Wellbe’s Harmony Decorative Pillows: They’re richly textured, made from recycled water bottles, and have a hidden pocket for a lavender sachet (an aromatherapy extra designed to calm the senses).
    wellbe sheets and duvets
    Shop Wellbe Bedding
    Give Yourself a Good Night
    Have trouble getting to sleep—or staying asleep? Creating a regular bedtime ritual wind is one way to set yourself up for success. For example, you might drink a cup of non-caffeinated tea an hour before bedtime, then turn off all digital devices to give your brain a chance to unplug and spend some time reading or meditating until you’re sleepy. 
    The right conditions in your bedroom are important, too: Pull the shades or draw the curtains to block outside light (or treat yourself to a silky sleep mask), consider a white noise machine or a weighted blanket to help reduce nighttime anxiety, and, of course, make your bed with beautiful and beneficial sheets and blanket and duvet covers. 
    Wellbe’s Vitamin Sea sheets, Karma Weighted Blanket Cover, and Lotus Medallion Duvet Covers are made with SeaCell, a fiber derived from Icelandic sea algae that is rich in skin-friendly nutrients.


    To learn more about Wellbe visit:  https://livewellbe.com/


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