Gifts For The Homebody

To wrap up our gift guide series, we will talk about all things to gift the homebody. There is nothing like a holiday spent at home with the people you love. Here are some of our favorite home embellishments that we think your homebody will love too!
If we know one things for sure, a homebody loves a good bedding set. The G.H. Bass & Co. Buffalo Check Duvet Set is made of 100% cotton flannel to ensure the coziest of nights. Made with an iconic buffalo check pattern, this bedding puts anyone in the holiday spirit and makes it versatile to layer on other bedding accessories.
A homebody’s dream is a matching throw blanket and pillow combo. The Crosswalk Sherpa Decorative Pillow comes in a pack of two to make a cozy accent for any room. To create a matching set, the DKNY Chenille Herringbone Fringe Throw adds interest and warmth to any bedroom or living room. These pieces come in red and white- perfect for the holidays!
The Ted Baker Plain Dye Sheets are the coziest sheets for any homebody. Understated and versatile, the Ted Baker Plain Dye Collection makes a great base for the most comfortable nights. Coming in various colors, these sheets match any décor style and are made of 100% cotton, making them super soft!
Check out the rest of our homebody gift guide! We hope these gift guides embellish your loved ones and your holidays and help make your shopping a breeze!