Decorating Your First Apartment: Tips and Tricks

Decorating Your First Apartment: Tips and Tricks

tips for decorating your first apartment like a pro
Less stress, more style


Moving into your first apartment is like a dream come true. You are starting a new chapter in your life- a new job, (maybe) a new city, and your whole life is ahead of you. This little corner of the world will become the space that you get to call home. Here at Decoratd, we love all things home, and we have a few tips for decorating your apartment!


made bed with fun accessories.


Find Your Key Element

It can be overwhelming to think about decorating a new space; the color scheme, décor style, furniture, bedding, and don’t forget the towels. You name it; you need it! One suggestion to help figure out a color scheme and décor style is finding one or two pieces you cannot live without. It can be as small as a throw pillow or as big as a couch. With these pieces in mind, you can start to create an idea of your aesthetic and incorporate elements in your home that you genuinely love. Once you have these pieces, it will be easier to decide what direction you will go in, and you will be able to start picking out just about everything!


Stack of fresh, soft DKNY Quick Dry towels.


Add Sentimental Value

Something key to creating a home in your new apartment is to fill it with good basics and things that remind you of home. Graduating from your adolescent life can be overwhelming, and you may find out that the world isn’t as pretty as it seems. Coming back from a long day to a place that comforts you can make a huge difference. Basics such as a good throw blanket, soft sheets, plush towels, and a good robe will help to create warmth and bliss. Finding pieces that bring you joy, such as memorable pictures, things that remind you of family and friends, or just small trinkets that lend nostalgia, can bring a smile to your face.

 Cozy bed


Feeling Inspired? 

Another tip we all know and love is using Pinterest to create a board for inspiration. We have plenty on Pinterest to get you started! Seeing pictures of décor that you like and piecing them together can invite a lot of inspiration and help you find more affordable options. If you are willing to take on a challenge, Pinterest can help with home DIYs. It is amazing what you can do with some paint and a little love!


 decorate your shelves with various shapes and props for an interesting look.

Bring Out Your Personality 

Last but certainly not least, decorating in odds and layering in your décor is essential to create a pleasing aesthetic. With your décor, it is good to include things of multiple heights to get dimension and depth. If there is not enough contrast, your décor may look a little flat or as if something is missing. Play around with things, maybe even leave something set up for a few days to see if you like it. Everything looks different at varying angles, lights, and you may even surprise yourself with how good of an interior designer you are!


The DKNY PURE Chunky knit throw adds to any look!


As they say, all good things take time. Eventually, your apartment will all come together, and it will truly feel like home. Take everything in strides and pick out pieces that you love. Coming home to elements you love and something you are proud of is nothing short of magical. Here at Decoratd, we have you covered from basics to luxury and everything in between. We are always here to help you embellish your first apartment and your everyday.

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