Team decoratd Off Duty Favorites

Team decoratd Off Duty Favorites

decoratd team favorites

decoratd team loves...

Is this love that were feeling? We think so! The decoratd team can’t stop blushing over these favorites. They keep us warm, clean, and always keep us company. Told you it was love. When we love something, we want to share it with everyone. 

Peri Home Chenille Scallop Comforter Bedding Collection
"I’m always looking for things that combine two seemingly different elements in one. This collection marries both modern and vintage, prints and texture, soft and bold. You can have it all! My 12 year old niece, Lauren was going through a room makeover for the new stage in her life. I knew this was the piece for her. It feels grown up, yet it’s still young enough to mimic the bubbling personality she has.”  - Katy  
Uchino Waffle Twist Towel
“Having style in my home is very important to me. What can I say I love pretty things! Sometimes style interferes with function. Luckily, with Uchino Waffle Twist Towels you get the best of both worlds. I love how chic and lightweight these towels are, in addition to not taking up a ton of space in the bathroom. They feel soft and luxurious without staying wet forever.”  - Rachel  
Martha Stewart Monroe Curtain Panel
“I love dressing up, mixing and matching, and anything that adds sparkle! I keep this going from the closet to the window. With these curtains you get to block out the light (and neighbors) and look good while doing it! The delicate metallic pattern adds a nice sparkle and pizzazz to otherwise simple curtains. To really dress this curtain up for a sophisticated occasion, I love paring them with sheer curtains to add to the drama!”  - Kelly 
Wellbe Refresh Charcoal Reusable Face Pads
“My nighttime ritual includes an indulging skincare routine, so having Wellbe’s Refresh Charcoal Reusable Face Pads on my vanity is essential. I love how they are much bigger and absorbent compared to traditional, wasteful cotton rounds. These can be used for so much more than your toner!”  - Leah 
Donna Karan Silk Quilt Collection
“I’m all about being cozy. For me it’s quite indulging to rest, so my favorite product is the Donna Karen Silk Quilt. I love how soft and luxurious it feels under your fingers. And again, I'm a sucker for anything super cuddly and warm for those cold winter movie nights!”  - Liz  
Wellbe Refresh Charcoal Towels
“I’m always looking for things that make my life easier. If it means doing less laundry, I’m all ears. My favorite product is the Wellbe Charcoal Refresh towel. It’s absorbent, quick drying, and order blocking. Trust me, I put it to the test! I live with an actual caveman and these towels magically stay fresher longer. HALLELUJAH”  - Hannah 

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