How To Nail A Coastal Chic Home

How To Nail A Coastal Chic Home

coastal outdoor style for the home

Coastal Vibes

Here at Decoratd, we are fully embracing the Costal Grandmother vibe. You know what we are talking about- that effortless, beachy style that is simple yet classic. Think Martha Stewart or Diane Keaton. From the light, airy textures to soft, flowy linens, we are obsessed with it all. The warmer weather is here to stay, and we want to help bring the beauty of the coast and the charm of your grandmother into your home for all of your summer nights. Take a look at our favorite coastal vibe pieces.

You cannot talk about coastal grandmother without mentioning Martha Stewart. She is the queen of them all with her gorgeous flower arrangements, relaxed yet chic clothing, and heartwarming recipes. She intertwines all of her best qualities into her curtains. They soften a room with their simple look yet elevate the vibe with their quality fabric. Get the ultimate coastal vibe with the Martha Stewart Lido Linen Curtain Panel Pair.


A true coastal lover would not dare leave the house without a matching beach set. The Michael Aram Michael Aram Dip Dye Ombre Beach Towel and Tote Bag & Pouch will leave you looking your best. We can all agree that when you leave the house with a matching set, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Run, don’t walk to get yours!


Wellbe has mastered the elegance of coastal sleep. There is something about a good night's rest near the water that sweeps you into the sweetest of dreams. The Karma Diamond Sheets are light and breathable to keep your temperature regulated all night long and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning. These sheets are no joke.


Last but certainly not least, to achieve a true coastal look, you must have throw pillows that look the part. We take our pillows very seriously as they are essential for the vibe. We love all of these shades of blue from DKNY, Michael Aram & Wellbe to showcase the colors of the coast. There is something about shades of blue that are comfortable and complimentary of summer.

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