This is Your Sign to Play With Color!

Ted Baker Peppermint
Adding color can be daunting, but think of the possibilities! It’s a vibrant future once you step into the world of color. We have some tips to help brighten your home and add some cheer! Color brings so much light, joy, and relaxation into your home. Pink and green help to calm the mind as they are the colors of nature. Those who live in states that do not see green during winter can benefit from adding color. Additionally, introducing patterns into your home will bring interest to your space and makes your home a true reflection of your personality! 
Ted Baker Kingdom
Go big and start with your bedding to explore color. We love Ted Baker bedding because it makes an effortless update. The best words to describe the deliciously colorful bedding are chic, eclectic, and luxurious. For an instant pop, we love the Peppermint collection. Want to tap into your wild side, style your bedroom with Kingdom. Keep it classic with just a touch of striking color with Vietmn.
Ted Baker Towel Collection
Another way to incorporate color in your home is with towels. Towels can easily be switched out and are not a hefty investment, so they are a great place to introduce color. The Uchino Waffle Twist Towels come in an array of colors from Orchid to Inigo. These towels are lightweight and have fast-acting absorption qualities that never cease to amaze. If you're feeling more daring, play with color and pattern with the Ted Baker Wave Geo towel collection.
Ted Baker Accessories
Here's a pro tip, for those who want to start small- accessories! From the living room, bedroom, or anywhere that needs cozy colorful comfort start with pillows and throws. Like towels, accessories are easy to switch out and move around, so if you are new to color, this is the perfect way to start!

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