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A Cozy Moment Outside

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Lower humidity, less heat, fewer bugs. ‘Tis the season to get outside and enjoy the remaining days of gorgeous weather before cold settles in. Like inside the home, you may have a spot that you use to retreat and find your paradise. Why not take it outside? With travel still being limited you can create your own quiet retreat in the comfort (and safety) of your own home. Before the days relaxing on your deck become a distant memory, give it one more moment by revamping it for your ultimate open- air relaxation spot. Not sure what to pack? Here are some tips to create an outdoor space that you will covet this season.

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Creating Your Hideout

This is the time to channel your inner childhood and build your fort. Instead of raiding your linen closet for sheets, look to your curtains. Remember we are going for a luxurious escape for this destination. Inside the home curtains complete your space. The same is true even in the great outdoors. To create an airy and inviting feeling opt for your sheer panels, like the Curtainworks Soho Voile Pole Top Curtain. You want something lightweight so you can catch the sun in your outdoor lounge, but have the comfort of it feeling secluded from the outside world. To let your personality shine through layer your solid sheer with a patterned sheer to add interest in your space.

add pillows and a throw

5- Star Comfort

Comfort is essential even outside. For your outdoor spa you need to keep the space equipped with pillows and throws. Have you heard of the saying, “you can never have enough pillows?” Of course, you did! Pack a few pillows to bring to your open- air haven. Mix up the shapes and sizes for premium decorating and dimension. Don’t be afraid to toss some Euro pillows on the deck floor for a foot rest or even lounging. Make your space feel special and embrace various materials and textures when layering your pillows. A little bling goes a long way, so don’t shy away from metallics and sheen. Comfort also means staying prepared for the cooler temperatures and leaving a throw on your deck especially if you plan on staying the night.

use a tumbler for a vase


Finishing Touches

For your outdoor sanctuary you want style and function to go hand in hand for the ultimate experience. To complete the space, bring out a small table or two for resting your beverage, book or anything else you plan to bring to the deck. If you love the feel of warm, soft touches slide out a rug for a cheerful underfoot instead of wood planks. It’s a quick step to add comfort and another touch of color. What’s the great outdoors without some nature? Outdoor plants are fab, but can be unruly.  Add to the mix a floral arrangement or tidy house plant to balance the look. Don’t bother looking for a vase, try repurposing a tumbler to curate your arrangement. This adds to the interest and shows off your personality.

before and after
Before and after

It’s time to enjoy the seasonal resort you worked hard for. Snuggle up with your throw and your pumpkin spice latte to welcome in fall and appreciate the changing of seasons. Invite over guests (if it’s an option) to share the last few moments of good weather until next time.

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